I just started following you but you seem awesome, so what your favorite song right now?

Thanks, I really like Frank ocean’s pyramids and the growlers one million lovers, both really calm me atm


Hocus Pocus (1993)

its almost tiiiiimmmeeee

You have witchcraft in your lips.
William Shakespeare, Henry V (via moonsiren)

Magical atmosphere in the woods.


Magical atmosphere in the woods.



I love this bit cause Ramona changed her mind and Scott respected that.

I love this cuz Ramona noticed that Scott was hesitant and stopped so he wouldn’t have to (because some men think it’s chicken to back out, even though it’s not)

Fuck me for liking pop music or classic songs, because that obviously means I’m a tasteless idiot right. Fuck me for liking Nicole Richie and the Kardashians because “people like you are fucking up this generation” because watching people that make me laugh makes me a shitty person right. Fuck me for barely talking for 5 seconds with someone else about things I like because you’re bored and would rather I shut up than talk about my interests to anyone right, fuck me. Fuck me for being made to feel stupid for liking something occasionally that LITERALLY causes no harm and has no effect on anyone else’s lives whatsoever. Fuck me for always being open to trying and joining in on others’ interests and never having anyone try to get into my interests for me, just tolerate them. Fuck me for liking occasional mainstream things because that means I’m an uneducated moron that can’t find good things to like. Fuck me for liking makeup because it’s vapid and frivolous. Fuck me for shopping at the mall and supporting businesses I prefer not to because I don’t have money to spend on handmade shit all the time. Fuck me for being a person that likes things and doesn’t try to make anyone like the stuff i care about because I should feel ashamed about things I like because they define who I am as a person right. Fuck me for liking whatever the fuck I like but being shut down whenever I say anything about whatever stupid interests other people have because that’s MEAN right. Fuck me for never being told “I’m sorry” for ever being shitty about my interests, just accept that they will “tolerate it” from now on. Why are my passing interests so important and why do they have to define me as a person and my character, why does that matter.

Cleared out my inbox finally, send me whatever u want, I don’t really give a shit about anything right now

You look amazing in that suit like damn. And thanks you made me feel better on a bad body day ♥

Im so glad :)

Your body is unreal. Dat waist!! Xx

Thanks bae

Is that you in the monokoni? You look amazing!!!!

Yep that’s me, thanks dear

Just passing by to tell you how gorgeous you are!!!

Thanks darling

you look like you are from the future and your body is lazer. Not trying to be a tumblr porn blog creep just trying to say that you are fine.

Thanks yo

Monokini. Loved it. You're a curvy goddess! I love your art. You're the dopest and you have reaffirmed my faith in tumblr.

Thanks dude!