I just feel like breaking down

I’ve always tried very hard in high school with my art work, but I never got any scholarships or won any awards. I’ve never been supported by my family with my art and have always been told that I could be better. I’d submit my work into shows outside of college, as well as 3 different scholarship competitions and no luck. Over the past year my confidence in my own work has been dwindling, and I just wanted to give up because I felt that my work wasn’t good enough and I was doing something wrong. It just comes so easily to everyone else.

but today was the judging for the senior show at F.I.T., where 8 judges (some professors, and some outside illustrators and art directors) would select artwork to be hung in our museum for public viewing. We were each allowed to submit 4 pieces, and 75 would be chosen. My classmates are all amazing and talented, and my style is very different so I often get intimidated and feel like I’m not good enough. 

I got 3 pieces in the show, and I won a silver medal for one of them. I have never won a medal or an award in my life, for anything. ever. I wish I could share the joy with my family, but they don’t really understand, so I’m sharing this with you all.

Artists don’t give up, you will get recognized one day, if even just one person likes your work it can be the greatest gift. Keep trying, don’t give up, you are talented.

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